2014 Accomplishments

Hello everyone,

Here are a few things that I would like to accomplish this year.

1. Try to blog more. I will try to blog every day or every week.

2. Buy new makeup.  Here are a list of makeup I really want to buy in 2014. I really want to try the Nynx lip glosses that you can get from Ulta. I heard great reviews on them. Also, I really want to buy Naked 3 Palettes. I heard that Naked 3 has great eyeshadow colors. Another makeup I really want to purchase is a primer. I was thinking of getting Laura Mercer or MAC primer. Another makeup I really want to purchase is a concealer. I have the Age Rewind concealer but I am getting sick of using it that I want another one. I was thinking of buying a MAC concealer. I heard great reviews of it. Lastly, I want to buy the Sigma brushes from Ulta. I heard amazing reviews on them. Those are some makeup that I want to try in 2014

3. Try to eat healthy foods. Lately, I have been eating unhealthy foods and I want to try to eat healthier. If I eat healthier, then my skin will be less oily. I am going to try to eat nothing fried or fatty foods. I also want to drink a lot of water. I heard that water is good for healthy hair.

I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve tonight! Happy 2014!




What I Got For My Birthday

Hello everyone,

My birthday was last week and I wanted to share with you all what I got for it. Here are the items that I got for my birthday. My first birthday present was the Revlon shine hair blower. I needed a hair blower so I bought this one. It made my hair so shiny and it made it thicker which is a plus. I would recommend it to anyone. My mom bought me a beige scarf and it has white stones on it. It is so pretty and the perfect gift for the winter. I also bought the Aussie Volume shampoo. It makes my hair feel thicker and feel softer. I love it! I would recommend the shampoo. That’s all I got for my birthday.

I hope you all have a great New Years Eve!



My December Haul

Hello everyone,

My friend and I recently went to the mall and I bought a couple of items from two stores. I am going to share with you all what I got and at the end of it I will tell you my reviews.  In one store called Lush, I bought one medium bottle of Sea Salt. It is a spraying bottle which I love. My hair is so thin, straight and oily.  I have tried the product before and I really like it. It does make my hair have volume and makes it a little dry. The sales associate gave me free samples of two shampoo products. One sample is called I love Juicy. The second product is called R and B moisturizer. After going to the Lush store, my friend and I went to my favorite place, Sephora. I love shopping for makeup. I was going to get a lot of makeup there, but I did not want to spend a lot of money at Sephora. I wanted to buy one item because I wanted to see if I like the product before buying more. I purchased a blush called Rockatetur Benefit Blush. I always look at reviews of makeup online because I trust what people say about them. I heard a lot of nice words about Rockatetur Benefit Blush. I like how the blush is so pretty. It is a really pretty color and perfect for this season.

My review for the free sample of I love Juicy shampoo is that it is a great product. I love how it smells really good in the shower. After I blown dried my hair, I could see my hair not being oily and shiny. My hair has never looked so shiny either. It really did its job by making my hair not oily. I would recommend I love Juicy shampoo for anyone with oily, straight and dull hair. My review for the R and B moisturizer is that when I put it in my hair in the shower, at first, I did not know if it was a conditioner or shampoo. The color is a medium  yellow. I thought since the color is medium yellow it is a conditioner. I used the product as a shampoo in the end. After I blow dried my hair, it made my hair so oily. The more I wash my hair with the R and B moisturizer it made my hair oily. I would not recommend the R and H moisturizer to anyone with oily hair. My review for the Rockatetur Benefit Blush is that I love the color and I love how it looks on my Snow White face. It gives my face natural color which I like. I would definitely recommend the blush to anyone.

I hope that my reviews were helpful. Have a great weekend!