December Favorites

Hello everyone, Happy 2014 everyone! I hope everyone had a great New Years. I wanted to share with you all what my December favorites are. My favorite foundation is the Bobbi Brown Luminous Moisturizing Treatment Foundation in the color light. It makes my face feel like I am not wearing any foundation and it lasts for the whole night which are both a plus. I do not use any primer because my makeup stays on my face for a long time. I am open to suggestions on what is the best moisturizer for oily skin. My favorite eyeshadow is the MAC All that Glitters. It is so pretty on and it makes my eyes pop. My favorite concealer is Instant Age Rewind Eraser in the color light. My favorite eyeliner is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil in the color mahogany. My favorite eye stick is Laura Mercier in the color jungle. Instead of using liquid eyeliner I put this stuff on top of my eyelashes to give it a smokey look for night. My favorite mascara that I mentioned on here is the MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash. It makes my eye lashes have volume and it is long lasting. Also, I have been using the Benefit Rockateur blush. I mentioned it before on here and it is so pretty on. It looks natural when I wear it on my cheeks. I am open to any suggestions on what a good bronzer is for everyday natural looking and that looks good on snow white skin. My favorite lip balm for the month is Baby Lips. My lips have never felt so soft.



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