My February Favorites

Hello ladies,

Since February is almost over, I wanted to share with you all what my February Favorites were. My first February favorite is my Bobbi Brown liquid foundation. It truly is the best foundation I have ever wore! I have talked about that foundation in my previous posts. My second February favorite is the Bobbi Brown eyeliner in Mahogany. Recently, I had to buy a new eyeliner and I repurchased the Bobbi Brown eyeliner. It is long wear,  and does not smudge which makes it a great eyeliner for me. I hate when eyeliners smudge or when you have to reapply eyeliner because it does not last for a long period of time. I know that the Bobbi Brown eyeliner is a bit expensive, but it a great eyeliner. I personally think good eyeliners are expensive. I hate drugstore eyeliners, because they smudge underneath your eyes. A lot of drugstore brands also do not last long. If you want to purchase a great brand try the Bobbi Brown eyeliner. My third February favorite is my MAC All that Glitters eyeshadow. I am looking for a Spring eyeshadow. I really want to try the Lorac Pro palletes since I heard great reviews on them. My fourth February favorite is the Benefit Rockateur blush. It is a natural pink color and it is so pretty on. I have talked about it previously on my posts before. My fifth February favorite is the NARS concealer. I really like this concealer. It matches my skin perfectly and it does not look like you are wearing any concealer on. It also hides away the pimples so you do not see you have any pimples on your face. My sixth February favorite is the Covergirl mascara. I really do like this mascara but it does not last long. It does make my eyelashes longer and have volume.  I really want to try the Dior Show Iconic Overcurl.  I heard really great reviews of this one and I really want to try it.  My seventh February favorite is the Physicians Formula bronzer. It is so natural on my face and it does not look like I am wearing any bronzer on my face which is a plus for me! My last February favorite is the Kardashian Kroma lipgloss. I talked about this in my other posts, and it is truly an amazing lip gloss. I love it! Its my favorite lip gloss.

Photo Here are my favorite makeup that I love.

I hope you all have a great night!



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