March Haul

Hello ladies,

Happy March! Today, I went to Sephora because my friend suggested me to get Devacurl that will help  my perm to have volume. I could not find it at the store. So I bought it online. I am so excited to try the Devacurl.  I did buy a Dior mascara. I know it is expensive but I heard really great reviews on it. I did not like my CoverGirl mascara because it would not last long on my eyelashes and it would smudge my eyelashes on the bottom where I put my eyeliner. I took out the Dior mascara and it is in a pretty nice package. I wanted to see what the mascara wand looked like and I really like how it was small. I like small mascara wands better than big wands because it applies on my eyelashes better. When I put on the Dior mascara , my eyelashes appear longer and more volume which I love. I love how it applies and I think it will last a really long time. This mascara is the best mascara I have ever used!  I would recommend this mascara to anyone.




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