Ulta Haul

Hello ladies,

Today, I went to my first time going to Ulta. I always go to Sephora, but I wanted to buy brushes and I do not like Sephora brushes. The brushes that I purchased at Ulta are the Real Techniques brush. I purchased foundation brush, eyeshadow brush and bronzer brush. The bronzer brush was 50 percent off so I had to buy it. I heard great reviews on them. I am so excited to use them! I also purchased two NYX butter gloss. My friend told me that they are the best and I heard on Youtube beauty gurus talking about it so I wanted to give it a try.  One is called Maple Blondie and it is a nice coral color. The other one is called Meregue.It is a nice pink color, perfect for the Spring time.  I love the smells of them. They smell like something sweet. When first put it on, it feels sticky. I have never worn sticky lip glosses so I would have to adjust to it. So if you like a sticky lip gloss, then you will love this lip gloss. I hope you liked this haul and I will talk to you guys later! I hope you guys have a great weekend! The picture on the left are the swatches that I did of the new lip glosses that I just purchased. The picture on the right are the brushes that I purchased.

Photo: My swatches of my lip gloss that I got which will be up on my blog.          Photo: The brushes that I just purchased. I heard amazing reviews of these. Can't wait to use them tomorrow.


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