Real Techniques Brushes Review

Hello ladies,

On my last post, I said that I purchased the Real Techniques brushes. Today’s post, I wanted to tell you all, my review on it. When I applied the foundation and I put it on the foundation brush, I thought the brush bristles were too cheap looking, but other than that it applies really well on my face. It is a lot better than my other foundation brush. My other brush was from Sephora and I could not wash the bristles that well, because there were still two different foundation on the bristles. I really love the blush brush because it has soft, big  bristles on the bottom of the brush. It also applies really well on my face. The next brush that was in the kit was an eyeshadow brush. The brush bristles were soft. I loved how it applies on my eyes. It applies really well on my eyes. The final brush that I purchased was 50 percent off the kit brushes, was Real Techniques bronzer brush. I love how the brush is so soft on my face, and how it has big bristles on the top which I love. I love how it applies my bronzer on my face. You cannot see that I am wearing bronzer on my face which is a plus. These brushes are my favorite brushes. I would recommend the Real Techniques brushes to anyone. I hope you all are having a great day!

Photo: The brushes that I just purchased. I heard amazing reviews of these. Can't wait to use them tomorrow.


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