My Top Lip Balms

Hello ladies,

Today, I am going to talk to you about my top lip balms are. One is The Burts Bees lip balms. It is so moisturizing on my lips and I love the pomegranate. Second top lip balm, are the Mabelline Baby Lips. They are so moisturizing and when I put my lipstick or lip gloss on top of my lips, and I put Baby Lips on my lips, the lipstick or lip gloss always lasts longer on my lips. Third top lip balm, is the Nivea, lip balm called A kiss of Vitamin Swirl. It is a swirl of two pink colors. It makes my lips moisturizes and it smells good. Fourth top lip balm is called Lemon Lip Balm from Bath and Body works. It smells like lemon and it makes my lips moisturizes.  I want to try the other Nivea lip balms that are in a small circle container and smell really good. These are all my top lip balms. I hope you all have a great day!





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