April Favorites 2014

Hello ladies,

Sorry, if my font is really big on here. I do not know how to make it smaller. I cannot believe that May is coming already. This month went by so fast! My first April favorite is my Bobbi Brown in the color light pink. It is such a pretty color and perfect for the Spring time. My second April favorite is my Laura Mercier bronzer. It is my favorite bronzer. It makes my cheeks look like I have some color. I know some bronzers make my face look like my skin is orange, but this bronzer does not. My third April favorite is my Bobbi Brown eyeliner in the color mahogany. I will not be purchasing another eyeliner. It is my absolute favorite eyeliner. My fourth April is the Dior Iconic waterproof mascara. It is my favorite mascara. My eyelashes are naturally long, but I feel like that  I do not have that many eyelashes. I was thinking about purchasing an eyelash primer. I do not like wearing fake eyelashes, because a couple of reasons. One reason, is because I do not like when someone has fake lashes that look fake. Another reason is because wearing fake eyelashes all the time, your eyelashes will be gone if you wear them everyday. I was watching an episode of What to not Wear, and this lady was wearing fake eyelashes everyday. The makeup artist took her fake eyelashes off and her real eyelashes were gone. If you have fake eyelashes, I do not recommend you to wear them everyday. My last April favorite is the lipstick called Bite in the color fig. It is a pretty pink color and perfect for the Spring/Summer time. It lasts throughout the day. I hope everyone has a great night! I will talk to you all really soon!

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