May Favorites 2014

Hello ladies,

May went by so fast! I wanted to share with you all, my May favorites. My first May favorite is the MAC Prolong concealer. When I apply it on my face, it looks natural on. I would recommend it to anyone. My second May favorite is the MAC concealer brush. I would recommend this brush to anyone. My third May favorite is the MAC lip gloss. It is a nice pink lip gloss, which is perfect for the Spring/Summer time. My fourth May favorite is the beauty blender. I heard amazing reviews on this product, so I decided to purchase this. I would recommend this to anyone.  My fifth May favorite is the Bobbi Brown eyeliner. I would never purchase a new eyeliner. My sixth May favorite is the Bobbi Brown foundation. It is my favorite foundation. It looks natural on my face. My seventh May favorite is the Laura Mercier bronzer. It makes my face have a little color and it looks natural on. My eight May favorite is the Benefit blush. When I apply the Laura Mercier bronzer on my cheeks, now, I apply the Benefit blush. It looks great if you put this blush on on top of the bronzer. That is it for my May favorite. I hope you all have a good weekend and I will talk to you all really soon!


Sephora and Mac Haul 2014

hello ladies,

Today, I went to Mac and Sephora. I have not been to a Mac store in so long! I have never purchased there concealer or lipgloss. I did not like the NARS concealer because it made my skin orange when I decided not to wear foundation. I do not wear foundation everyday, because it makes my skin breakout. I do not think people need foundation everyday. I have always wanted to try the concealer from Mac, because I heard great reviews about the product. It is called Prolong wear and it is in the second shade. It matches my skin tone so perfectly. When the sales person, put the concealer on my face, it looks like I am not wearing it, which is a plus.I love wearing natural looking makeup. Another item I purchased at Mac is the brush. I did not have a concealer brush. I will let you all know, soon what my review of that brush is when I do it myself. Another makeup product I purchased is the lip gloss. I heard amazing reviews on that. I got it in the color pink. It stays on my lips the whole day, and I love that. I hate when lip glosses do not stay on my lips for a long time.

The next store I went to is Sephora. I purchase a lot at Sephora, and I like going there. The only negative thing about Sephora, is that the sales people do not ask me if I need anything. You have to go there knowing what you want to purchase. I went there to purchase a beauty blender and I wanted to get a brush. I do not think my blush brush is doing a good job on blending my blush. I tried to blend it with my other brush, but it does not blend well. I will let you all know, what my review is on the Sephora blush brush. That’s all I purchased today at those stores. Let me know what products from Sephora or Mac or Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier that you want me to do a review on. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Have a good night! I will talk to you all really soon!