Back to School Essential Makeup 2014

Hello ladies,

Since school is coming so soon, I wanted to share with you all my back to school makeup essentials. My Bobbi Brown liquid foundation is perfect for making anyone’s skin looking like you are not wearing any foundation. Since you probably have not gotten a lot of sleep because you are worried about your first day back at school, the MAC Pro Long wear concealer is perfect to get rid of tired baggy eyes. My favorite natural blush is the Benefit Rockateur blush. It is a light pink and it is perfect for going back to school. You do not want to look like you are wearing a lot of blush on when you go to school. The Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in light purple is perfect to wear to go to school. I would not suggest wearing a smokey eye on your first day of school. It will look like someone punched you in the eye. I would suggest for mascara the Benefit Real. It makes my eyelashes long. My favorite eyeliner is the Bobbi Brown in the color Mahagoney. The color is gray but it looks black on. I would suggest to put a little bit underneath your water lines. My favorite lipstick would be the Bite in the color Fig.



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