My First Impressions of The Kat Von D Liquid Eyeliner

Hello ladies,

Last night, I applied on top of my eyelashes Kat Von D liquid eyeliner. When you first open it up, it looks like a pen. I absolutely love it! It is my favorite liquid eyeliner that I have ever worn! If you are new at wearing a liquid eyeliner, then I would suggest buying this product. It goes on smooth and straight. You can also wear it instead of an eyeliner to put on your waterlines, if you want to wear to wear it during the day. It does not smudge when you put it on your waterlines which is a plus. A lot of eyeliners smudge and I do not like it when they do that.  I would recommend this product to anyone. I hope everyone has a good day! I will talk to you all really soon!

First Impressions of Kat Von D Liquid Eyeliner will be up on my blog today!

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