My First Impressions on Sigma Brushes

Hello ladies,

Recently, I purchased on Amazon the Sigma brushes. I saw on Youtube MakeupbyTiffany raving about the brushes, I knew I had to purchase it. I purchased the Sigma Kit Travel brushes and it has six brushes. The six brushes includes: a foundation brush, an eyeshadow brush, a blending brush, a contour brush, pencil brush and a large powder brush. I tried the eyeshadow brush today and I did not like it.  There are not a lot of bristles on the brush. If there were a lot of bristles then it would be better.  Also, I did not like how the bristles feel when I put it on my eyes. They did not feel soft.  I have not tried out the foundation brush yet. I used my Beauty Blender that I purchased on Amazon which I will write on another post on that one too. I tried the Sigma blending brush and I really liked that one for putting my eyeshadow on it. I like that brush better than the other one. I would recommend the Sigma blending brush but not the eyeshadow brush. These are all of my opinions on the Sigma brushes that I tried. I hope you all had a great week and I will talk to you all very soon!


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