My Favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus that I love to Watch

Hello ladies,

I love watching Youtube Beauty Gurus. Here are my favorite Youtube Beauty Gurus that I love to watch. Also, I will link their channels too. I recommend all of them listed below.

1. Makeupjunkie909. Her name is Racheal Hamilton and she lives in Florida. She was the first Youtuber that I have watched. I love how well she does her makeup. Her makeup looks flawless!  I wish that she would make videos more often. She only does it once a month.  I love how her makeup is affordable. [DSC02876.JPG]

2. MakeupbyTiffanyD. Her name is Tiffany and she lives in Atlanta. She is pregnant with her first child. I love how well she does her makeup. The products that she uses I have purchased and I love wearing them. Also, she was right, the Sigma Brushes are the best brushes to apply makeup with.  I love how she is documenting her weekly pregnancy. She is so pretty! I love how she gives her opinions, on the products that she uses. If she does not like a product she will let you know.

3. EleventhGorgeous. They are sisters. Their names are Tracy and Stefanie.  They live in Alabama.  Tracy and Stefanie are so gorgeous! They do look like twins but they are not. They are so funny. I love how their products that they use are affordable. I love how they go to different states to meet their fans. Also, I love how they share on Youtube what they do on a daily basis. They also have another channel that is for taste testing different snacks. 

3. Meghanrossette. Her real name is Meghan Reinks and she is from California. She is funny and likes to joke! I love how she does blogs. Also, I love how she does every month favorites videos. I like how she includes her favorite makeup products of the month, her favorite tea, her favorite television show and her favorite book.  I wish that she would include what makeup products that she wears on a daily basis. Also, I wish that Meghan would include what makeup brushes that she uses. 

Well that is it for this post. If these pictures look really big, when I edit it on here, it appears small.   I hope you all have a great weekend and I will talk you soon!


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