What did I get for my Birthday

Hello Ladies,

Since my birthday was on Sunday, I got from my parents Tory Burch sunglasses. The color of the shades is navy. They look so good on my small, round face. I have always had a hard time, finding a good pair of sunglasses that fits my face.

I went to Ulta and I wanted to purchase an IT Cosmetics eyeshadow brush, but I did not have my wallet with me, so I had to call my mom to come to Ulta and purchase what I wanted. My mom told her to take all of it back. Then she said your only getting a hairbrush. So I had to only get the Olivia Garden hairbrush. I needed a new hairbrush, because my other hairbrush, was too old. I have had it since highschool, which has been 6 years ago. Anyways, I read amazing reviews on the Olivia Garden brush. Also, I told Olivia Garden on Twitter, that I would be purchasing it. I do love the brush. I have been using it on my hair, and my hair looks thicker and shiner. For some odd reason, this won’t allow me to post pictures on here. I hope you all have a great one and I will talk to you all really soon!


Today is my Birthday!!

Hello ladies,

Today is my birthday!I am so happy that today is my birthday. I am going to treat myself by going to Nordstrom today and purchase some makeup products there. I am thinking about purchasing a lip liner from the MAC counter because I do not have one. I really want to go to a Sephora today, because I get a free package present there, since it is my birthday. If it is your birthday and you are a VIB or a Beauty Insiders than you get a free package present from them. I feel like they always have the same package present every year. For example, it is always the Benefit package that includes the lipstick and Benefit Real Mascara. I will let you all know, what I got or purchased for my birthday. I hope you all have a great one and I will talk to you all really soon!



My December favorites 2014

Hello ladies,

Sorry that I have been MIA lately. I have been so busy with work that at night I have been so tired. I cannot believe that December is almost over. My birthday is tomorrow and I will do a what I got on my birthday post on Momday. One December makeup that I have been loving in all of December is my Lorac Pro Palette 2. I have been wearing the color Rose. It is a gorgeous gold color. The next December favorite is the Sephora Collection eyeliner in the color black. It stays on my eyes throughout the day and I do not have to reapply it on my water lines. Also I love the fact that it does not smudge. Another December favorite is the Cover Girl Ready Set Gorgeous foundation. I love this foundation! I will do a first impressions on that foundation. My other December favorite is the Tarte Amazonian Clay full coverage foundation. I will do a first impressions on that foundation as well. Another December favorite is the Beauty Blender. I love it! Personally, I think that it works so well when it is dry. I know your supposed to put water on it and then apply your foundation. But for me, my foundation looks natural on my face. My next December favorite is the Loreal Butterfly Mascara. I have been using it everyday on eyelashes. My last December favorite is the Urban Decay lipgloss in the color Naked. If you ever used this products, if so do you like them? I hope you all have a great night and I will talk to you all really soon!


Rainbow Collaboration with Someday Sunny, Cath (Twentysomethingstyleselfie), Tiffany (makeupmob), Renee (bflyrenee), Vanessa (sayhellotogoregous)

Hello ladies,

I am so excited to be sharing with you all, that I am doing a Rainbow inspired collaboration with amazing beauty bloggers that I wrote on the title on here.  This is the first time that I have ever done a collaboration with anyone. So, I am sorry, if I am doing this post wrong. We have been emailing with each other since November about doing this collaboration. My color is purple. The only makeup product that I have that is in purple, is my MAC quad eyeshadows. I applied the medium purple on my eyes and it looks so good! I will post the picture of it down here towards the end. It looks so good on my eyes. My eyes stand out. My eyes do not look smaller which is good, because I have big eyes.  It is a smokey look which is perfect for the night time. I have worn the light purple eyeshadow, and my boss told me that she really liked the color on me and that my eyes pop. I have not worn this color of purple ever. All in all, I would be wearing this color on the nights when I go out. I hope you all have a great one and I will talk to you all really soon!

IMG_2364.JPG Sorry if these pictures are not that good, I am not the best at taking a picture of my eyes



December Drugstore Haul 2014

Hello ladies,

Today I went to the drugstore. I purchased two makeup products, a shampoo and makeup remover pads . The first makeup product that I purchased is the CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation in 105. Makeuptiffanyd on Youtube raved about this foundation so I really wanted to purchase this one. I love how it is a small foundation. I just applied the foundation on my face and I love it! It looks natural on. It does not look like I am wearing any foundation on. Also, it does not look orange on my face.  The next makeup product that I purchased is the Loreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. I love the shape on this mascara. It does not look like I got it from the drugstore which is a plus.  I cannot wait to try this one on my eyelashes. The shampoo that I purchased is the Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume Weightless Shampoo. I tried it on my hair after I got home. I love how this shampoo does not make my hair oily. Also, I love the smell. It smells so good! My hair looks shiny and thicker. The makeup remover pads that I purchased is the Almay Oil Free Pads. I use this one all the time when I take off my makeup. It is my favorite makeup pads that I have ever used. It takes off my makeup really well. I would recommend purchasing these makeup pads. Let me know in this comments below if you have these products. I hope you all have a great night and I will talk to you all really soon!



My First Impressions on the Beauty Blender Cleanser Solid

Hello ladies,

Recently, I went to Sephora, and this was one of the items that I purchased there. When I first opened it up, I thought it was going to be in a small circle and you open it up. I did not know that the Beauty Blender Cleanser Solid would be a soap. I had to clean all of my brushes and I had to do it one at a time. I put my the soap on my hands and put the brush on it and then it looked like I was painting on the soap. My Sephora blush brush and my other makeup brushes that have white bristles on them look so clean. Also, my brushes look brand new.  This product is my new favorite for washing my brushes. I would highly recommend purchasing this product to anyone. Plus, it is affordable. Let me know in the comments below, if you have this product and if so do you like it?  I hope you all have a great one and I will talk to you all really soon!




Liebster Blog Award 2014

Hello ladies,

I have been nominated by LoveLucy for the Liebster Blog Award. Thank you LoveLucy for nominating me. Please visit her amazing blog at: http://lucysfmb.wordpress.com.

The rules for the award are the following:

1.Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2.Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
3.Copy & Paste the award to your blog.
4.Nominate 5 blogs to receive the award who have less than 3000 followers.
5.Inform them of their nomination by leaving comment on their blog.


1. What is your favorite makeup brand and why? This is a tough question, I have a lot of makeup brands that I love. But, I am going to have with Too Faced, because I love their bronzer. It is the only bronzer that does not make my face look orange.

2. What is your favorite film? I have a lot of favorite films.  My favorite film currently, is The Holiday starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Kate Winslet.

3. What are you most looking forward to about Christmas? I am really looking forward to about Christmas is opening presents and being with my family.

4. If you could take up any new hobby, what would you try? If I could take up a new hobby it would be probably be knitting. I really want to knit a scarf or a blanket.

I nominate the following amazing bloggers: 

1. Repressing the Crazy

2. ninarossbeauty

3. Emily Burrows

4. Leah’s Fashion Blog

5. Haylee Slocum

I hope you all have a great and I will talk to you really soon!