Beauty Gurus, I am Looking for a Great Red Blush

Hello Ladies,

Sorry that I have been MIA. I have been sick all week.  Anyways, I love my MAC Mineralize blush but I have had it for six-seven years. Beauty Gurus, I am looking for a red blush similar to my MAC one. I have not found any luck on finding the perfect red blush. I would be open to purchase an expensive blush, if it was a really great one.  I do not want a bright red color blush.  Also I want a blush that looks natural on. My everyday makeup is always natural except for the weekends when I go out. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions for a great red, natural looking blush. I hope you all are having a great one and I will talk to you all really soon!


13 thoughts on “Beauty Gurus, I am Looking for a Great Red Blush”

  1. NYX has a red shade in their powder blushes (I think the blush is just called Red) – and they’re like $5 and good quality! They also have the shade Red Cheeks in their cream blushes

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