Sephora and Mac Haul 2015

Published January 18, 2015 by Nicole Ashley Fashion Blog

Hello Ladies,

Today I went to my Sephora and Mac to purchase some makeup products. When I went to the counter of my Sephora, and asked for the Anastasia Contour Kit they said that they were sold out of it. So I told the sales person that they were holding it for me and then she gave it to me.  Anyways, I tried to open the paper packaging and I had to rip it in order for me to get it out. I love the packaging.  There are six shades, Sand, Vanilla, Banana, Java, Fawn and Havana. The top shades are for highlighting and the bottom is for contouring.  Since I have fair skin I am going to use the top shades for underneath my eyes.   I cannot wait to use the shades. Once I use the kit for a week or two I will do a first impressions on it.

I went to the Macys Mac counter and purchased two products. I purchased an eyeliner in the color black ice. It is the Pro Longwear Eye Liner.  My Sephora black eyeliner smudged a lot and I hate when an eyeliner does that. I have never worn a black eyeliner from Mac before. I am so excited to try this one. I will do a first impressions on that one as well. The other makeup product that I purchased at the Mac counter is a blush in the color Breezy.  When I told the sales person that I wanted a red shade for a blush she starred at me. I do love a gorgeous red on my pale face. It is a gorgeous red. I cannot wait to try that one as well. What have you purchased at Mac? Did you like the ones that you purchased? I hope you all have a great one and I will talk to you all really soon!


applied it to my faceapplied applied it to my face


14 comments on “Sephora and Mac Haul 2015

  • Great buys! I love most MAC products and I recently ordered Miley Cyrus’s Viva Glam lipstick. I am not per day a fan of MC but the Viva Glam is such a great charity and let’s get real anything pink/hot pink I am sold so now I am eagerly awaiting the mail so I can see it in person lol xoxoxo Janet

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