My Review on the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Hello Ladies,

On my previous post, I talked about purchasing this serum at Target. When I was at Target, I thought this serum was going to be a heat protector. But after reading the description on the back and on websites, I noticed that it is not a heat protector. It is supposed to be make hair shiny, cuts down drying time and frizz control. Here are my pros and cons of this product:


– I love how it is a pump. For me, when my hair is wet, I like to use a gel that is in a pump because if I want to use a dime size then it does not squeeze a lot. When it is in a container that you have to squeeze it out then it comes out a lot.

– I love how it makes my hair shiny.

– I love how it reduces drying time.


– Usually, I have oily hair but after using this product it is making my hair dry.

– Maybe this is just me, but I feel like the dandruff is a lot worse when I used this in my hair. When I tried my other hair serum, I do not have dandruff.

– It is 20 dollars and I feel like it is kind of expensive for a hair serum.

This is probably a product that is either hit or a miss and for me it is a miss. Has anyone else have this product? If so, do you like this one? Also, I am open to suggestions for a product that it is affordable, that it is a hair serum, that it is a heat protection, does not make hair oily, gives hair shine and it is a frizz control.


7 thoughts on “My Review on the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum”

  1. They actually changed the formulation. It used to contain dimethecone and they removed it. It would have been a great protectant with that in there, but now that it is gone I feel like that serum is rather useless. That would also attribute to why your hair feels dry. I love Morrocanoil light.

  2. I have this product and I love it! I have really dry coarse hair, but it actually makes my hair super smooth and oily enough to not be coarse/dry (:. I do have to agree that it is pricey, but for me worth every penny. Sorry it didn’t work out for you :/

    1. That’s great to know that the Marocan oil is great. I will have to try that.
      That’s great that you love this serum.

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