Where Have I Been?

As some of you, have checked out my Instagram, you have seen that I got Septoplasty. I got Septoplasty, because I had a deviated septum, I had a bump on my nose and my nose was too big for my face. I could not breathe out of my nose and I have always had to breathe out of my mouth.  Septoplasty is supposed to be a shorter recovery time than Rhinoplasty. I can go to work on Wednesday when I get my cast off from my nose. If you have a deviated septum like myself, then you should get this procedure. I hope I like the way it turns out on Wednesday once I get rid of this cast on my nose. Be sure to follow me on Instagram at NicoleAshleyBlog and on Twitter if you have not already. I will blog soon! You guys are all amazing!


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