Makeup Spring Wishlist 2015

Hello Ladies,

Spring is almost here. What makeup products do I want to purchase for the Spring? Here are some of the Spring makeup products that I might purchase:

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick in the Color Matte Blissful.

-Ever since, Eleventhgorgeous raved about them on Youtube, I have to purchase it.

NYX Pump it Up Lip Plumper in the Color Lindsay

-I have been on the hunt for a good affordable lip plumper.

-This color is a nice pink. I love pink lip glosses.

-Let me know in the comments below, if you have heard of or has a great lip plumper gloss that is affordable and has light pink colors.

Stila Create Your Own Lip Glaze Trio in the colors Strawberry Lemonaide and Ruby Grapefruit. 

– I purchased a long time ago a Stila Lipgloss and I remembered I loved it.


Kardashian Beauty Lip Plumping Shimmer Gloss in the Color Pumped up Pink

– I had a Kardashian lipgloss and I loved it.

-I loved how it was long lasting and it was affordable.

-I know that the Kardashians made it, but honestly, I would recommend purchasing a Kardashian Lipgloss.

– I love how it does not feel dry on my lips. I used to wear it everyday until it was empty.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow in the color Painted Purple. 

– MakeupbyTiffanyD talked about this eye shadow (not the color) on her Youtube channel.

-I love a good purple eye shadow.

– A purple eye shadow makes my eyes pop.

NYX Cosmetics Prismatic Eye Shadow in the color Punk Heart. 

– I have never tried a NYX eye shadow.

-Plus again, I love the color purple on my eyes.

These are some of the makeup products that I want to purchase for the Spring. Have you tried these makeup products? If so, do you like them? I hope you all have a great one and I will talk to you all really soon!


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