My Empties 2015

Hello Ladies,

Happy Saturday! Happy Pi day! I have used up hair products and a makeup product. I will let you know what they are and if I am going to be repurchasing them. One hair product that I used up is the Lush Big Shampoo. Honestly, this is my favorite shampoo that I have ever used! My review on it is on a previous blog post. I already repurchased it and it delivered to me so fast! Once,I got this shampoo in my eyes, and the salt burned and hurt my eyes that it took about two or three days for my eyes to be okay.  The next hair product that I ran out of is the Aussie Volume Shampoo. I really loved how it made my hair volume. It is my favorite drugstore shampoo. I did get tired of using this shampoo everyday in my hair. I did not repurchase it, because I already purchased the Lush shampoo and I do not really need two shampoos. Plus, my Walgreens for some odd reason did not have it. The next hair product is the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lighting conditioner. I purchased this when I had caramel highlights to make them stand out. I will not be repurchasing this one because it does not do anything for my hair. I am looking for an affordable conditioner that is good for fine, oily hair.  The makeup product is the Almay Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads. This is my favorite eye makeup remover pads. I have used it when I take off my face makeup too. The only negative thing about it, is that you have to use two or more makeup pads to take off makeup. I love how it does not burn your eyes if you by accident get it in your eyes.  It is great if you have oil and sensitive skin like myself. I have used this one for years. I will be repurchasing this one. That is it for this post, I hope you all have a great one and I will talk to you all really soon! Don’t forget to add me on Instagram and Twitter at NicoleAshleyBlog.



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