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My YouTube Channel

Published July 13, 2016 by Nicole Ashley Fashion Blog

Hello Ladies,

I am so sorry that I have not uploaded a video on my channel or wrote anything on my blog. My laptop’s internet stopped working and my appointment to bring it in is on Friday. In order for me to upload a video, I need Internet on my laptop. So, this weekend after I get my laptop working I will upload two or three videos on my channel. Two will be a makeup haul of what I purchased at Target and Ulta.

Please only comment on here or on my videos if they are positive feedback. Negative feedback on my channel or videos or this blog will be deleted right away. I will not stand for negative nancies telling me how I make my videos on my channel. I do not need people telling me how to make my videos. I know how to make them and if you don’t like it then simply do not watch them. I have feelings too. I am human.

Thank you for understanding and being supportive.